Enterprise Risk Manager®

Confidence in your risks + Confidence in your reporting

= Confidence in your business.

riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager® is a product built over 20 years by risk management practitioners for the benefit of every risk person. Over that time it has undergone five 'ground-up' rebuilds to maintain alignment with evolving software, practice and security standards and is now at Version 5.

We know that developing a risk management capability means going on a journey which is different for every company and 'one size' does definitely not fit all. That’s why our flexible tool is the only one which has been designed as a hyper-configurable system to meet your needs whatever they are and however they grow. With riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager® you can evolve at your own pace:

  • Manage your risks on a small project

  • Understand and analyse your risks across a programme of projects

  • Implement an enterprise-wide portfolio risk solution to roll out globally across your organisation

We can deliver a secure private cloud based system in days, not months or years, but now. The first step on a journey is always the most important one and whether yours is a small step testing the path or whether it's a giant leap accompanied by fireworks and corporate fanfare, riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager® can be configured and delivered fast, in a way that’s exactly right for you at every point.

riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager® is relied on by some of the worlds' biggest and most significant organisations to deliver a secure, resilient and robust solution to global risk management.

Intuitive UI - configurable to look very familiar

The riskHive ERM user interface can be configured to match your extant risk register look and feel for instant familiarity. This means less resistance to implementation is felt and less training is required in the early days, helping ensure a successful initial system deployment.

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