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New Team Members..!

Updated: Jan 21

We're happy to announce that Craig Ferri & Doug Oldfield have joined the riskHive management team.

Craig & Doug have over 25 years experience in risk between them, having both worked for Palisade, the company who make the @RISK software. As ex-MD of Palisade, we're very excited about the expertise in driving sales growth and corporate strategy both in the UK and abroad that Craig brings to riskHive in his role as Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development. Doug was responsible for looking after sales in the Middle East and south UK for Palisade and has a strong customer-focussed ethos that will fit in well with his role as Director of Sales & Business Development at riskHive. They're a strong team who have worked together so long that they finish each other's sentences, and we look forward to a very bright future with them both on board at riskHive.


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