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An established global provider of software-based solutions for the analysis and management of risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies (RAID) and the analysis and contol of costs and schedules
Enterprise Solutions

The riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) is a full-featured cloud risk database that manages risk, opportunity, assumptions and trends data together in one place. ERM was designed for those users who wish to implement a simple and cost-effective way of centralising all their risk data and maintain the ability to use Excel registers.

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Desktop Solutions

The riskHive Arrisca Risk Analyser is an industry-standard tool for the assurance and analysis of cost and schedule models that are built in MS Excel spreadsheets and MS Project plans. It is used to expedite quality-assurance and risk-adjustment of cost and schedule forecasts without programming.

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Services and Support

From aircraft carriers to sports venues to pharmaceuticals to aircraft, we have analysed and risk-adjusted practically everything there is. We can provide subject matter expertise with specialist analytical skills to assist you in understanding what's driving your model outcomes quickly and effectively.

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Why choose us?
Founded in 1999 by one of the originators of Active Risk Manager, riskHive are at the forefront of risk technology and process, providing Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Modelling, Risk-adjusted Portfolio and Analytical Risk Solutions and Services. In an independent global survey of analytical risk vendors we were ranked 7th, one place below IBM, and one place  above the US GRC vendor Protiviti. Being privately owned, our relationship with our customers is very personal and is of primary importance.
We employ a 'light-touch' approach to contact with potential customers because we know that you don't want to be hassled every five minutes by a sales person trying to hit their target for the period.

We can guarantee this because we don't employ any sales people - only consultant risk practitioners - so no-one's paid to be on your case and you can make contact  without fear of engaging an aggressive sales person with overactive email habit.
What differentiates us from other potential providers?

· We are proud to be a British-European Company
· We are 100% owned by our employees and practise ‘family values’ like home-working and blended hours
· We regard our clients to be stakeholders in our business - not just paying customers

We are helpful, honest and won’t charge exorbitant fees for making riskHive work better for you.
Our Customer Charter

• Be honest and transparent about what we can do and when we can do it
• Declare potential issues or problems as they emerge or are identified
• Provide maximum value for money with no hidden costs or surprises

When you buy from riskHive you are buying integrity, quality and customer-service like no other in the risk management sector. With International Central Government Departments, Defence Ministries and Contractors, Financial Institutions and leading-edge technology companies as customers, our reputation for excellence and integrity are of paramount importance to us.
Contact Information
Sales and pricing
Ian Baker       Director
telephone:     +44 1275 545874
cellphone:     +44 7818 898997
email/skype:  ian.baker@riskhive.com

Sandu Hellings
Technical support
Gary Lowe

Training and Configuration
Darda McDonagh      
email/skype:  darda@riskhive.com