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June 2016
riskHive Software Solutions are pleased to  
announce release of version 5 release of the  
Enterprise Risk Management web-based  
software application. Improved  system  
performance, simplified user interface and  
extended configurability are all good  
reasons to consider riskHive ERM V5 as your  
primary Enterprise Risk, Assumptions, Issues  
and Dependencies Management database.
ERM Version 5 released -  'Risk-on-the-Cloud' is here

The version upgrade is free to all customers  
who are under support and maintenance  
contract. No data migration is required as  
the new application UI version uses the  
same underlying database, and the system  
upgrade supports concurrent use of both  
Version 4 and Version 5 interfaces  
simultaneously. Support for Version 4 will  
continue for one year until June 2016.
NZ Earthquake Recovery Authority deploys riskHive ERM

August 2015 - Christchurch, New Zealand
The riskHive ERM application has been  
successfully deployed in Christchurch, New  
Zealand, to support their recovery from the  
devastation of the 2011 earthquake.
Mace Group prioritises client requirements with ERM

We believe in providing our clients with
confidence in our approach and in our
ability to capture and control risk, and the
riskHive ERM product is a hugely effective
and affordable enterprise risk management
system that helps us to achieve this.”

Russell Newman
Head of Corporate Risk and Assurance at
Mace Group, London, United Kingdom

“Our clients’ needs are at the heart of  
everything  we do here at Mace. We focus  
on delivering the best results, performing  
to the highest levels and providing  
innovative risk solutions for some of the  
largest, most complex and highly  
prestigious projects across the globe.
riskHive identify $1.5Bn cost savings on Airbus A340
September 2005 - Bristol, United Kingdom
The riskHive suite of software was used to  
analyse and improve the design-to-cost  
strategy for the A340 High Gross Weight  
aircraft. Elements of change and  
optimisation were identified which resulted  
in over $1.5bn of savings over the  
projected 200 aircraft ship-set run - all  
without any redesign or recertification  
Mace Group set risk free with 'unmeasured' Corporate tool

December 2011 - London, United Kingdom
Mace are an innovative international  
consultancy and construction company,  
offering highly integrated services across  
the full property and infrastructure  
lifecycle. Mace chose the riskHive ERM  
application to manage risk across their  
international portfolio and supply chain with  
an effectively unlimited-user licence model  
to eliminate user administration issues.
Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier cost reduction
October 2013 - United Kingdom
The riskHive Analyser application was used  
during the negotiation phase of the final  
QEC procurement to assist in un-packing the  
£6bn+ of costs associated with the carriers.  
The software identified items which were  
able to be better negotiated resulting in  
direct cost savings of at least £155m and  
contributing to a further £500m reduction.
5 years: 3 name changes: One risk management partner
December 2015 - London, United Kingdom
Olympic Park Legacy Corporation (OPLC),  
London Legacy Development Corporation  
(LLDC) or Olympicopolis - however you  
describe it the Olympic Park has continued  
to evolve since the 2012 London Olympic  
games. Since 2011, riskHive's ERM solution  
has evolved with it and continues to support  
the diverse and challenging flagship project.
riskHive ERM at AECOM - a Global risk management solution
January 2015 - London, United Kingdom
AECOM Global is a Fortune 500 professional  
technical services and management support  
services conglomerate with over 94,000  
employees in 150 countries and an annual  
turnover of some $19bn. They chose the  
riskHive ERM application to manage global  
risk for themselves and for their clients  
from their risk advisory services HQ in  
Finding £15bn of modelling errors (in one spreadsheet)
2008 - Home Office, United Kingdom
The riskHive Arrisca Analyser software was  
brought to bear on the eBorders financial  
spreadsheet model. The Excel spreadsheet   
had over 860,000 inputs and a very complex  
build covering some 30 years of project  
projection. Within 2 hours almost £15bn of  
modelling errors had been found and  
corrected, significantly improving the  
business-case to £5bn for project approval.
Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) selects riskHive
Feb 2015 - Sutton Coldfield, UK
The riskHive ERM application has been  
selected as the corporate ERM tool for DIO.  
The system replaces the widespread use of  
Excel templates and a competitive ERM tool  
that has been used by the organisation. The  
DIO manages a budget of around £3.3bn a  
year with assets worth around £22bn on  
560,000 acres of land. riskHive Analytical  
software has been used in DIO since 2005.

September 2015 - Bristol, United Kingdom
The fast-growing strategic outsourcing  
organisation mitie is rolling-out the riskHive  
ERM toolset to support its risk management,  
audit and assurance function. The toolset  
was chosen - following an intense and  
rigourous competitive selection process - as  
the best solution for the diverse, and  
complex mitie environment.
mitie uses riskHive to manage strategic outsourcing risk
UK MoD saves £millions using Arrisca Analyser toolset

“riskHive's Arrisca Analyser software  
helped immensely in achieving value for  
money on a highly complex contract.  

A negotiated £60M price reduction on the  
contractor’s initial submitted price of  
£140M was achieved in a morning’s session.

The use of riskHive products within MoD
Submarines at Barrow has allowed us to
stay one-step-ahead of our contractor."

"It really is like having
'the unfair advantage'.”

Tim Duke
Senior Responsible Cost Engineer at
UK Ministry of Defence, DE&S, CAAS

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