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Experience. Knowledge. Capability. Expertise. And lots of it.

Expert Project Controls capabilities in cost, schedule, risk and EV developed for the best organisations in the world with the best organisations in the world are now available to you from riskHive® Consulting. 

All riskHive® Consultants are UK vetted, security cleared (SC or DV) staff who are dedicated to delivering high quality 'on demand' services on a contract basis. Like having a time-share on a pinnacle SME service.

Whether you need cost engineering, project controls, risk analysis, scheduling or project management, we have highly experienced consultants who have between 15 and 50 years’ of relevant experience. 

Usual engagements range from a few days or weeks to months or even years, sometimes at short notice.
We are fast, agile and flexible and have been known to deliver a completed job in the same amount of time our rivals take to deliver a presentation on how they would approach the task, at a much lower overall cost.

We know what good looks like;

We know what bad smells like;

We've seen it, done it, lived it.

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