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Eliminate errors and waste.
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This is our pièce de résistance. We use the Arrisca Analyser product along with processes and forensic techniques developed over a twenty year period for & with UK Government and industry to deliver fast, high-quality assurance of cost, schedule, operations and performance models.

We have carried-out many hundreds of cost assurance exercises over the years all over the world using skills we developed using the Arrisca suite of analytical software to be able to analyse, understand and optimise models used to make significant business and buying decisions.

The process picks-up a lot of ‘over-programming’, sand-bagging and double-counting, in addition to providing a clean bill of health to an organisation's own FOO (forecast of out-turns) and business case models, with the added benefit of independent assurance.

By understanding and improving the quality of models and focusing-in on the key input elements that drive the out-turns we are able to explore realistic options and optimise the results.

By identification and elimination of over-programming (risk-loading) and re-articulation of the model at its deterministic baseline we facilitate practical separation, movement and management of risk and opportunity components, providing a clearer and more accurate baseline picture.


The risk requirement that is identified can be appropriately managed and allocated and may not need to be paid-out wholesale or skew the cost of business if it is properly managed.

A few notable examples of many previous riskHive iCAS engagements:

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